From 2009 to 2012, I regularly contributed as editor and later editor-in-chief to Visionen magazine, the official publication of VIS, the association of computer students at ETH Zurich. These articles reach from technology to current affairs and hilarious attempts at modern philosophy. While most of these articles are in English, some are in my native German, and are especially pointed out as such.

Anime review: Air (2009)

First in my sporadic series of anime reviews, this was a vent of frustration with the show Air. Many sources online put it in line with greats such as Chobits, while I found it just plain tedious, aimless and basically any other negative property you could think of. Head inside for the full disclosure.

Golden Raspberry awards (2009)

Just because I couldn't believe anyone didn't know about the Razzies (and other editors talked about the Ignobles and such in the full magazine), here is my short summary and some of the more ridiculous examples of winner-losers I could research.

Chiptunes (2010)

Because of my personal regard for electronic music (especially that of Renard Queenston a.k.a. Lapfox), I took the opportunity to summarize the basics of electronic music and especially chiptunes. Very much truncated compared to the Wikipedia article, but I hope an easier read.

Pair Programming (2010)

One of my few technological contributions, this was a short introduction into agile methods, especially the titular Pair Programming from the branch of Extreme Programming (XP). More curious than educational, but very much fitting for the intended readership of computer science students.

Remastered, Remade, Reimagined (2010)

A discussion of the trend of remaking old intellectual properties instead of creating new ones. Not a harsh criticism of the practice, but hopefully it becomes clear that many people rightly believe this trend to display an annoying amound of creative stagnation, and will be remembered as an idea as ridiculous as the trend of chronic serials of the late 90s.

The theory of a balanced challenge (2010)

As games are one of my biggest hobbies, this was a real treat for me: I got to discuss balancing in all media of games, but mainly focusing on video games. With Team Fortress 2 being as popular as it is, it was clear it would get an honorary mention somewhere.

Anime review: Kanon (2010)

I fear this show has aged really badly. I have no desire to re-watch it, and I hope the review reflects its "meh"-ness sufficiently.

Anime review: Time of Eve (2011)

I. Love. This. Show. Unfortunately, the visuals don't really come across in quarter-page low-resolution screenshots. If you have the chance, find the 1080p version of Ivu no Jikan online and enjoy it in its high-definition glory.

Fictional languages (2011)

Freak out with your geek out! I don't actually speak fluent Klingon and Drow, but for this special issue on languages (all of natural, synthetic, and programming), I was allowed to pretend I did.

Capitalistic Console Cracking (2011)

Take a little bit of code security analysis, add a dash of conspiracy theories, discussion of Nintendo's business practices, and you get this article about Wii homebrew. One of my favorites!

Anime review: Spice and Wolf (2011)

Most recent and the favorite show and review of the series, Spice and Wolf really is a gem amongst gems. I didn't go deep enough into the beautiful scenery, incidental music, and storyline to express my love of this show. Especially as I referenced it in the review of Time of Eve, this article was a definite must.

Filling in the gaps (2012)

A short summary of the unconscious - its annoyingness but comfort at the same time.

Teetering on the edge (2012)

More on the philosophic side of things, this article summarises the awesomeness of everything, the dissonance of madness and genius and their symbiosis towards perfection.